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GM is keeping Matt busy. I am busy keeping up with our 10 acres. Steve is driving a semi delivering cars and Sarah is enjoying her job at Chrysler.

Jeep Trail Ride Photos
Train Links and Photos

Meet Ace, a german shorthair pointer we got in a momment of weakness! Way too much energy.

ace2ace meaford

The GLMVPA Forst Custer Spring Trail Ride was great fun! Photos on Shutterfly

ggGitchee Gummi, a Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive run in Goulais River Ontario was great. The color was some of the best I have ever seen. Photos at our Shutterfly page

King of the Hammers "KOH" 2015 was a blast! Palm Springs is just about perfect in February. Photos at our Shutterfly page.

We were at the MVPA National in Louisville KY last summer. Photos at our Shutterfly page.

engvalsign2015 Camp Grayling color Tour was a lot of fun. Click here for photos on Shutterfly

Meet Tigger and Ginger!

kitters kitters2

The "Boys Club" was meeting at our house. Look closely there are eight bucks in this photo!boysclub

If you are looking for some useful information on being ready for anything, click here!zombie

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